How Senior Home Care Can Help Restore Your Loved One's Active Lifestyle

When making care decisions for a family member who is showing signs of memory loss, dementia or Alzheimer’s, it’s vital to understand the stages that they may go through. By having a better understanding of the changes in behavior and abilities, you can choose the most effective course of action for your loved one’s treatment and care with the help of doctors and caregivers.

Good nutrition is important at any age to maintain a healthy body. It is especially important for aging seniors to sustain proper weight and good health while avoiding chronic conditions such as diabetes. The National Resource Center on Nutrition reports that one out of every four seniors suffers from poor nutrition.

It may start with an accident, but just as often, it’s more insidious: an accumulation of incidents or small mistakes or observed problems. No matter what its form, the message is clear: it’s time for Dad to stop driving.

Have you noticed that your aging mother or father gets colds more often? As we age, our immunity system slows, increasing the risk of colds and flu. Vaccines become less effective and the healing or recovery process takes longer.

There you are, trying to have a conversation with an older relative, when every one of your questions or comments yields nothing but a slight nod or smile. Don’t they care about their grandchild’s first homerun or what kind of food to order for takeout tonight? Are they just being rude, or are they not feeling well? What’s wrong?

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